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"Lauren Oppelt’s witty costume design kits out each character in varying shades of one or two colors from a palette of baby-shower colors. The husbands don madras Bermuda shorts, while the women strut in pumps and fit-and-flare frocks that would suit Betty Draper in her prime. The time frame is not meant to be the actual 1950s or early '60s (the period in which DeBoer and Luebbe’s short The Arrival is set), though the retro vibe is reinforced mightily by Leigh Poindexter’s similarly unsettling yet fabulous production design."

-The Hollywood Reporter  


"One of the strongest aspects of the film is the visual aesthetic which compliments its zany tone. Costume designer Lauren Oppelt dresses the cast in pastel attire with costumes reminiscent of The Stepford Wives and color palettes that will make you think they live next door to the housewives in Edward Scissorhands. 

- Birth. Movies. Death  


"Comedy aside, the punchy, Wes Anderson-meets-80's-music-video aesthetic of cinematographer Lowell A. Meyer, matched with Lauren Oppelt's impeccable costume design, offer delights of their own."


bowling alley.png

"Costume Designer Lauren Oppelt deserves awards for her flawlessly executed #mommystyle. A vision in (Lilly) Pulitzer pink, Jill makes for a sartorially spectacular tour guide through her own impeccably manicured hellscape."

- The Wrap  


"Costume designer Lauren Oppelt also leaves quite an impression with the clever evolution of how she dresses each character, each defined early with a specific color and having the variation in their wardrobe reveal all that’s going on underneath. It’s so clear that such thorough consideration went into every creative choice on “Greener Grass” that it almost becomes part of the joke"

- Moveable Fest  

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