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Lauren Oppelt is an Atlanta based Costume Designer; after ending her long term relationship with a beautiful rent-controlled apartment in Los Feliz.

Most recently, she designed the pilots "Dangerous Moms" by the Janine Sherman-Barrois for Warner Brothers, and "I'm The Mayor of Bimmi Gardens" for Adult Swim from the gentlemen creators of Corporate and the angelic Chris Fleming.


Her design opus "Greener Grass" was a selection of the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW, among many others, is available on Hulu, and was distributed by IFC Midnight.

Lauren is known for her colorful and creative designs, fabrication abilities, and extraordinary bedazzling skills. 

She is also the host of Los Angeles Lady Arm Wrestlers, a member of a flailing book club, and an avid drinker of prosecco.

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